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Valentine’s Day Design

February 14, 2014
SECCA | Pin by Matt Stevens,

Pinterest VDay Card options, Pin by Matt Stevens,

Roses are red, violets are blue…

If there is anything that our current exhibition (Graphic Design–Now in Production) has taught us, it’s that graphic design is everywhere and most certainly so on Valentine’s Day. From the packaging on chocolates to the sea of advertisements from restaurants and florists, and of course the endless options of cards and love notes, design helps illustrate love and friendship all day long.

SECCA blog | Valentines Day Chocolate Wrapper by

Valentines Day Chocolate Wrapper by

SECCA blog | Valentine's Day Google Doodle

Valentine’s Day Google Doodle via

SECCA winston-salem blog | Valentine's Day Infographic

Valentine’s Day Infographic by and Column Five

Now using red lettering and lots of hearts seems like an easy job, but there is rhyme and reason to how designers work. There are six visual elements of design: color, line, shape, value (or tone), texture and form. And all of these together make the difference between cheesy and classy, friendly and intimate, eye-catching and eye-pleasing.

SECCA blog | Valentine's Day Card by Emily McDowell via

Valentine’s Day Card by Emily McDowell via

"Valentine's Day" movie poster via

“Valentine’s Day” movie poster via

SECCA winston-salem blog | "Sweetheart 2014" artwork

“Sweetheart 2014” artwork, Valentine’s Day Musical Collection available on CD exclusively at Starbucks

Simultaneously designers are also always using the principles of design: balance, economy, dominance, proportion, movement, harmony and variety. Clearly designers take a shot of steroids with their morning cup of multi-tasking.

SECCA winston-salem blog | Valentine's print by David Goh

Valentine’s print by David Goh ( via

SECCA winston-salem blog | Diesel Ad

Diesel Ad, Advertising Agency: Anomaly, London, UK

So as you get bombarded with love bombs all day and are trying to decide if an online Valentine is just as good to send as a paper one, stop and take a minute to analyze the design work of it all. How do the different elements express the overall tone? If it makes you laugh, why? Is it just the words? Or would they not be as funny without the visual elements?

Definitely leave us links to your favorite Valentine’s Day designs below in the comments.

And from all of us at SECCA:


SECCA wiston-salem blog | VDay print

“Love you winston-salem” print by CAPow

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