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Community Day Prep

August 9, 2012

Community Day at SECCA is quickly approaching (AUGUST 11!) and I have been working hard to assist with the activities being planned. They had to twist my arm but finally I consented to participating in the testing of the paper planes. After fiercely battling with the construction paper and instructions, a “Light Speed Flyer” was born and soared through the office in an arc of glory. The “Phoenix” was my second masterpiece; its first flight was a failure but it rose from the ashes to gracefully float through the air on its second attempt. A lovely volunteer from the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro who is assisting SECCA with Community Day crafted a blue whale plane that managed to swim for about a foot through the air. The “Needle” plane construction was abandoned due to complications. Eight or nine planes were successfully created that floated or rampaged through the office. Maybe later we might get to fly them from the roof and see which plane goes the farthest…
After the paper plane testing, Kristin and I took a field trip to Michaels to track down other materials needed for activities. We emerged from the store with gleeful faces, anticipating the fun to be had as the activity testers. After lunch we took out supplies to our designated craft area and began experimenting. I won’t spoil the surprise for the upcoming Community Day participants, but let’s just say that clay and resin and glitter were involved. Gotta love craft experiments.
To be perfectly blunt, Community Day at SECCA is going to be awesome. Crafts will abound, fun is required of all participants, and it’s on a Saturday (best day of the week!). If Community Day isn’t already on your calendar, put it there immediately! You will not be disappointed.


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