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Acclimation to Installation

October 18, 2011

People’s Biennial has come to a close and the entire SECCA staff is engrossed in the installation of the next exhibition, Out of Fashion.  It has been such an exciting environment here at SECCA the past week as art and artist have begun to arrive.  One of the many things I love about working in an art gallery is that you never know what your day will look like. At the moment, Kristin and Mary Beth (Programs Administrative Assistant and Director of Development) are out picking up a few state-of-the-art mannequins, Cliff (Installations Manager/Registrar) is about 50 feet off the ground installing what appears to be a projector, and I think Steven (Curator of Contemporary Art) has been locked in his office for days writing the exhibition literature. It’s very difficult to be bored when everyone is so excited and the end result promises to be such an amazing show.

It feels like Christmas-in-October every time a new artist’s work arrives. Big boxes and crates start piling up and one by one, each is opened to reveal one spectacular piece after another. It’s a rare and special thing to be able to see an exhibition installation in progress. You get to meet and talk with the artists, who are always so full of passion for their work.  You’re also able to see a totally different point-of-view of the works as they are meticulously reconstructed to their intended glory.  Before you know it, the once empty and quiet gallery is filled with treasures.  Every single day I am more excited about Out of Fashion, and I can’t wait until it all comes together and you can see it for yourself.  Trust me; it’s not something you want to miss out on.


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