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It Really Is A Small World

February 22, 2011

Crossroads @ SECCA #001

Jim White performs at Crossroads at SECCA

Crossroads @ SECCA #001

South Memphis String Band warms up in the dressing rooms

before the show this past Saturday.


This past Saturday we hosted the inaugural Crossroads @ SECCA, a dynamic concert featuring two unique groups making their Winston-Salem debut: The South Memphis String Band and Jim White. This event was special to me not only as a SECCA staff member and music lover, but also as someone who grew up in the rich musical culture of Athens, Georgia. When I was looking at the winter events on SECCA’s website before I began my internship, I was surprised to see that I knew one of the musicians who would be performing: Jim White. He is a long-time family friend and although I hadn’t spoken with him in a little over a year, it was really exciting to catch up when we saw each other at the concert this weekend.

Although I joke about trying to leave Athens for my internship only to have Athens come to me, it was really fantastic to be reminded of the experiences that have shaped my personality, as well as my professional goals, and brought me to SECCA in the first place. I know that regardless of where my branches may grow and develop, deep down my roots will always be tied to the familiar and dear moments shared with those in the community around me. Whether at a concert, gallery opening, theater performance, or an afternoon spent in the galleries or on the grounds,  I hope that the larger community of Winston-Salem and the Triad will see SECCA as a place to house the essential interactions that allow us to learn and grow together.


Photos courtesy of Andy Tennille

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