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INVISIBLE + Projexorcism = Perform @ SECCA [Thursday]

July 20, 2010

SECCA is open…yay! And now we’re moving into the Summer @ SECCA with our first program: Perform @ SECCA featuring Invisible + Projexorcism. Both groups demonstrate a dizzying degree of ingenuity, resourcefullnes, and creativity. Their collective work mirrors many of the themes found in our current exhibition Look Again. I hope you’ll come out and check out what promises to be an amazing show.

Invisible will kick the night off with a new performance of their Rhythm 1001 in SECCA’s galleries. What’s the Rhythm 1001? Great question. According to Invisible “Rhythm 1001 uses pegs placed into a spinning disk to control up to twenty acoustic percussion devices.  In the spirit of early computers, Rhythm 1001 fills a room with its machinations.  The performance itself is a briar patch of rhythm, tone and found sound.  Sonically spectacular, it is just as striking a visual experience.  If you can hear a sound, you can see its source in action.”

At 8:30 Projexorcism will break in SECCA newly upfitted Auditorium space with a brand new performance. What is Projexorcism? Another good question. Real-time film editor, culture mash-up, and hyper-condensed kaleidoscopic film festival, Projexorcism produces a multi-sensory  immersive event out of 16mm films, reverse engineering obscure mid 20th century knowledge into new data packets fit for 21st century consumption. Ed Cooper started Projexorcism in 1999 and performs the octuple 16mm projector array of instigation, while Jacob Lunow creates the live soundtrack.  

Plus we will have a cash bar and I know you know what that is. More details:
Date: Thursday, July 22, @ 7pm
Location: SECCA (750 Marguerite Drive, WS, 27106)
FREE (except for the cash bar)

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