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New SECCA + StoryLine Collaboration

June 24, 2010

StoryLine Bus parked at SECCA

Where were you when you saw your first work of art? How old were you? What was it? What was the most profound experience you’ve had with a work of art? How can art help us to see our world differently? Build our community? These are just a few of the many topics of conversation being addressed by story-pairs participating in a new collaboration between SECCA & StoryLine. If you’re not up with StoryLine:

StoryLine is a volunteer-led effort to collect and share the stories of everyday people in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County. The project was initiated to honor the rich diversity of voices throughout our community and to celebrate our history, hopes and common humanity. The stories are collected via the Story Bus, a mobile recording studio that travels to community events, churches, diverse neighborhoods, schools and other venues.

As part of this partnership we’re capturing stories that demonstrate the transformative power of art and the unique capability it has to bring us together. Over the next week or so we will collect 4 pairs of stories from some really great folks who call WS home. StoryLine will edit the stories just in time for our July 15 reopening and will share them, on the bus, for all of our guests to enjoy.

Do you have a story about art? Share it in the comments section or check out the StoryLine website to see where and when the bus will be coming  your way.

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