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New identity – the brass ring of marketing!

April 11, 2010
SECCA's new brand

SECCA's new brand reflects the new era at SECCA

In marketing, there is nothing more exciting than working on a new identity. A new fresh look has the power to enliven, revitalize and restore interest and faith. As the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) rolls out its new logo, I am filled with enthusiasm for a rich and vibrant future here at SECCA.

The goal of our new identity was multifold — to reflect a new era of open-minded thinking at the arts center, to refresh our image and to align with peer art institutions both nationally and internationally, and perhaps most of all — to inspire our community to take a new look at SECCA, its programming and exhibitions.

SECCA doesn’t have a permanent collection. What is on exhibit at SECCA changes often. This offers the public a chance to interact with new artwork, ideas, artists and educators every few months, and, by extension, opens up new paths of education, discussion and learning with each new exhibition.

SECCA’s new identity, designed by internationally known design firm Pentagram, reflects how SECCA never remains the same. The identity is dynamic and inspiring and a perfect expression for the art center’s ever changing programs and exhibits. The letters in the word SECCA will move elegantly in the browser of SECCA’s forthcoming Web site, enticing viewers to learn more about what SECCA offers.

Change is a constant in life — and at SECCA. Our new identity reflects that fact of life, and we hope that you will be a part of the changing times here at SECCA. Our staff is eager to serve our community through exhilarating exhibitions, innovative programming and a welcoming atmosphere.


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