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What Does This Look Like to You, Pt. 2

November 3, 2009

Sky's the Limit

After about a week and a half of intense artistic navel-gazing and creative exploration, the students and faculty at the Enrichment Center came up with an exciting Roadsworth inspired design for their parking lot. With design in hand the group then met with Roadsworth who helped to transform their concept into a series of stencils, while also providing some guidance on applying them to the asphalt.

The work-titled Sky’s the Limit-has transformed, what once were, simple white parking lot arrows into rocket ships blasting their way through space. Below you can see the prepped but still unpainted parking lot, a pic of the finished rocket ships, and Roadsworth (pictured to the left) with the students and a finished space vessel.

The rocket ships “take off” at the Marshall Street entrance, adjacent to the Gateway Gallery, following a trajectory towards the main parking lot. The final rocket finishes its course nearby to the Enrichment Center’s new sculpture garden, which features 3 sculptural installations collectively titled Things That Fly. The two projects, especially in conversation with each other, speak warmly to the uplifting work done at this fine organization. Everyone at SECCA wants to extend a hearty congrats to all of the artists involved.

Check out more images from SECCA’s Street Art Workshop and Community Day at the Enrichment Center on SECCA’s flickr page.

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