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What Does This Look Like to You?

October 10, 2009

EC Arrow

That’s the question the staff here at SECCA and our community partner, the Enrichment Center, have been asking ourselves lately. Maybe the more relevant question is, “What could this look like?” A little background: SECCA and the Enrichment Center have organized a workshop for EC artists inspired by SECCA’s upcoming Inside Out: Artists in the Community II artist Roadsworth. Roadsworth has an uncanny ability to look at ordinary street markings and see extraordinary possibilities–to see what could be there–transforming a crosswalk into a foot print, a parking lot into a field of dandelions, and so on.



Inspired by Roadsworth the students and faculty have been exploring the potential of their parking lot, such as the pictured arrow, these past couple of weeks. They’ve come up with a super creative idea, and Roadsworth will facilitate a workshop session this Tuesday to help the artists further realize their concept. We will unveil the finished work of street art at the Street Art Community Day next Sunday, October 18, from 1-4pm.

Working through Roadsworth‘s process to re-imagine the space outside of the Enrichment Center has been, to quote Shayna  Parker, Visual Arts Specialist at the EC, “A great brain workout.” But I think that eloquently describes the transformative power of art and it’s unique ability to help us redefine the way we see the world. It’s encouraging to know that there are so many different ways we can perceive and experience what’s around us. Personally, the crew of artists involved with Inside Out, along with a cadre of others, have motivated me to actively look-look at my everyday as thought it were perpetually new. Or, perhaps more accurately, to look at my world through, what Lewis Carroll coined a “mental squint.” Looking for what’s there, and, what could be there. So the question remains, what does this look like to you?

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