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Mock Orange Cyclocross Syndicate kicks off Cx season at SECCA

September 27, 2009

The folks at Mock Orange Bikes kicked off the first official race of the cyclocross season at SECCA on Sunday 9/27. Cyclist from as far away as Boone and Fayetteville came to race on the mile and a quarter course that winds its way around the grounds. A combination of wooded trails, single track, paved and cobbled surfaces provide the SECCA cyclocross enthusiasts with a course that has many of the elements that you might find at a European venue where the sport has its roots. Cyclocross was developed as an off season training tool for competitive road cyclist. It has become a very respected individual discipline that is growing rapidly worldwide.

Men's category 3 racers leave the start/finish on the cobbles in front of the Hanes' mansion.

Men's category 3 racers leave the start/finish on the cobbles in front of the Hanes' mansion.

Mock Orange Bikes has been running a series of training rides every Tuesday evening throughout the month of September leading up to this official race. We hope to continue the partnership with M.O.B in the future as we begin to realize ways to fully utilize the property at SECCA and expose a greater cross section of the public to the center.

Cyclocross is very much artistry on a bike and about 100 riders participated in the event. The team kits (uniforms) are usually quite spectacular, but when combined with the bikes, the grounds and a beautiful day rain or shine, it truly is visual poetry.

Women's Pro/Category 1,2,3 racer crests a knoll before dropping into the woods.

Women's Pro/Category 1,2,3 racer crests a knoll before dropping into the woods.

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  1. David Finn permalink
    September 30, 2009 3:06 pm

    I would like to thank SECCA for sponsoring Inside out (Artists in the Community II) – in particular the visit of Mark Jenkins. Because his work inserts unaccountable bodies directly into the public space there is some negative reaction to this work, but I hope that people can see that the questions it raises about the control of public space are worthy of asking. While the work is provocative, it is not unnecessarily so. As a society we need to have a broad range of expression present, even if it causes some minor discomfort.

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