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Art Every Day

August 31, 2009

You’ve got to go to work, pay the bills, mow the lawn, pick up the kids from soccer, go grocery shopping, buy that birthday present for Uncle Bill, oh yeah, and make art! Ok so I’m not a professional artist, or amateur really, maybe aspiring amateur, but I do understand the increasing demands on our collective schedules. And I know that as an artist (according to close personal associates) finding the time and extra motivation necessary to keep up with a practice is a challenge. Well, here is a solution..”Art Every Day!”

“Art Every Day” is a new Facebook Group created by Emily Munday, a Winston-Salem/Forsyth Co. Schools high school teacher who attended SECCA‘s workshop for educators “Art as Experience” led by Lee Walton. The goal of the group, in the words of it’s creator:

Here goes! Starting September 1 ,2009 the goal of this group and members will be to create 1 piece of artwork a day and post it to the group for at least 30 days straight. Your artwork can be in any medium of your choice. Artwork can be professional, ameature, student, non-artist etc. We are here to support each other, so please be constructive in all comments. Are you in?

This is not only a great opportunity to take advantage of a little 3rd party motivation, but also to get feedback on your work and see what your friends and colleagues are up to. Besides we all need a little art, every day.

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