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A flickr Trip Down Memory Lane

June 23, 2009

 SECCA flickr page

Were you one of the nearly 500 people in attendance at last fall’s opening for Erwin Olaf: Still Living and Structure, Surface, and Expression: Quilt Directions Today? Did you loan a ladder for Inside Out artist Charlie Brouwer’s Rise Up Winston-Salem sculptural installation located at Old Salem, or come out for the Community Day opening? Remember the art pilgrimage out to Moore Self Storage for Anna Von Gwinner’s In Flight video installation? If so, why not revisit these recent memories on SECCA’s new flickr page. If you weren’t there (and we’re still waiting on an excuse) here’s a chance to catch up with your favorite contemporary art Center.

SECCA has been abuzz with activity related to its Inside Out: Artists in the Community II exhibition series and related education programs. We will continually update the flickr page with images from those events, along with all sorts of behind the scenes goodies. So check back often, comment on the pics, make us a contact, and most importantly, make sure you’re at the next SECCA event so we can get your friendly mug on flickr.

COMING SOON: Be sure to keep an eye out for all of the great pics from Lee Walton’s recent Small Plots performances and events. 

Farewell  Kodachrome, we’ll miss you!
While we’re on the subject of reminiscing through pictures I can’t help but take a minute to bid a fond farewell to a photo icon, Kodachrome. The film that gave us those nice bright colors, the greens of summers, and made us think that all the world’s a sunny day, is being retired at the end of 2009. More info. here. And while our digital imaging and photo-sharing capabilities have grown exponentially, introducing new worlds of possibility, it’s hard not to wax nostalgic for the image of a time gone by. 

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